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Sometimes I forget, but not forgive.
Sometimes I forgive, but not forget.

— 18 hours ago

The thing is, nobody talks about their feelings anymore. We just keep them all bottled up inside and keep them to ourselves not wanting to hurt the other. When in reality we are hurting, not only ourselves but, the entire foundation of the relationship that we have formed over the years.

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Today was my last day at my job in the city. I’m going to miss it so much because the people, as well as the view and everything, was just so wonderful. I hope to go back some day, on my own time. San Francisco, be ready for me, I’m going back!

— 1 day ago

I am extremely excited for this coming Saturday. It’s been so long, and I can’t wait to be with all my sisters again 😄💃🌺 #SAF2014

— 2 days ago

I find it so interesting the way people can turn out to be after something serious has happened. You have this image of them and you get to know who and how they are, yet when things change and simply aren’t the same, you see the things they’re doing and you can’t help but to feel shocked in their reactions, I always say “people have their reasons” but it still doesn’t change how it can make you feel. I pray for those people, one in particular I have in mind because I know how it feels and I want him to feel safe and content.

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Sometimes you do things and regret it later.
Sometimes you don’t do things and regret it later.

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